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Online HR System

Intuitive and online HR System which complies to
the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018

6 unique software solutions

 Intuitive and easy to use

 Flexible and customizable system

 Compliance with the new GDPR


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The solutions in MyHRsol HR System


Recruitment system


  • Save time and ressources with a intuitive recruitment system
  • Send invitations to fill person profiles and cognitive tests for job candidates directly from the system
  • Integrate with external job sites, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Unlimited e-mail templates

Employee Center

Employee database


  • Manageable and flexible organization structure
  • Flexible drag-and-drop setting of datafields
  • 4 userlevels – acces for the superuser, leader and coworker
  • Complies the new GDPR in 2018


Ongoing appraisals


  • Management and development of managers, employees and teams
  • Ensures an ongoing dialogue, throughout the whole organization
  • Customize agenda templates according to your specific needs
  • Send out the agenda and collect acceptance prior to the meeting


Ongoing follow-up


  • Ongoing follow-up on KPI’s and focus areas
  • Can be used on individual-, team-, department-, and organization level
  • Easy to import or manual creation of respondents
  • Secures a finger on the pulse in the company

MYHRSOL –  A global HR software company

“MyHRsol is developed for all types and sizes of companies. The system has been under ongoing development since 2015 and is already operating in Scandinavia, Germany, Holland and Australia/New Zealand”

CEO, Kurt Lausen
MyHRsol HR System

MyHRsol stands for My HR Solutions, which is a danish developed HR system. The system includes 4 unique online software solutions.

The solutions are developed to companies to make efficient and time-saving recruitment, manage and store employee data safely, make easy, fast and ongoing follow-up on focus areas, and have an ongoing dialogue between manager and employee in the organization. These solutions can be used separately or as a complete system.

The system complies the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Store and handle employee data safely in the system.


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