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promoting and distributing a flexible and modular built HR system under continuous development?

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A system under continuous development

An increasing demand for the MyHRsol HR system, means that we are looking for business partners to promote and distribute the system, primarily in Europe. We want to be present locally so that we are close to our customers, able to provide service and advice in their preferred language in the respective countries.

In just one year we have gone from being represented in Denmark to being present in Scandinavia, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.

Become our business partner of the HR system

As or business partner, you will promote and distribute all our current and future solutions of the system.
The current solutions include an intuitive recruitment system, an employee database, and a tool to follow-up on KPI’s and focus areas. Our newest solution is a tool for managing all types of manager and employee meetings and conversations internally within the organization. We are constantly developing both existing and new solutions, to make the system more complete for our customers

This large increase is partly due to the heightened focus on the new EU General Data Protection Regulative, which will come into force on May 25th 2018. The system complies to this new regulative with regards to handling and storage of people and employee data. Read more about the regulative and why our system is so important in complying with it here.

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Are you the new business partner we are looking for?

We are looking for ambitious business partners, who will work in close cooperation with us to introduce our HR system to new markets.

Local presence


Knowledge of the market

Solid knowledge of markets is an important prerequisite towards our future development


Resources and time

We expect you as a business partner, to allocate time and resources to promote and distribute the system.



We pride ourselves on providing quality solutions at reasonable prices whilst focusing on high service.


Product portfolio

Our solutions should complement each other for an optimal product mix.



Close cooperation creates the possibility of continuous development in our mutual interest.



We like to see signs of financial growth and willingness to invest in promoting MyHRsol

We can offer a favorable cooperation, where we develop MyHRsol together towards new markets.

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