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Myhrsol Development

Online system for employee appraisals. The system complies the GDPR 2018. Handle and store appraisals from 30 euro per. employee per. year

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Ongoing appraisals

This employee conversation system secures correct handling and storage of employee information and the ongoing dialogue inside the organization complies the general data protection regulation (GDPR)

Define whether the communication should be one-way, two-way or a multi-dialogue structure and use the tool on employees, teams or even entire departments. Get a structured way to handle your development dialogues and keep documents, KPI’s and communication in one place.

MyHRsol HR system complies all the laws and rules, and is developed with several international companies and organizations which secures the requirements and functions is up to date.


Get control on the GDPR and data handling


Avoid a fine on €20.000.000 Euro or up to 4 % of the annual company turnover


Customize templates according to your specific needs


Use Myhrsol Development to control employee appraisals and get an overview of the process


Does more than just comply the GDPR


Integrated with MyHRsol Employee Center, which secures the conclusions from the employee appraisals.

Pull out data

The report generator makes it possible to pull out data of your choice e.g. language levels, educational needs, action plans and so on.



Create a project and a template, assign a start date, running dates and termination date. You can easily choose which employee you want an appraisal with.

My Page

The employee can easily use their own login to prepare for the appraisal, and so can the leader.



Flexible drag-and-drop function for tailor-made templates.


The superuser has a visual overview of the whole process.

Our guaranteee as supplier of this HR system


We always strive to maintain a professional approach towards our clients and we prioritise quick support and tailor-made solutions.

All companies are different and must therefore be treated as such.


Our system is set up with an operating server as well as several backup servers. We take backup of all your data every 24 hours and all data is stored within the EU.

We consider it very important to have the highest possible uptime in the system, so that you can always access the system when you need to.


We constantly strive to develop the system so that it creates even more value for our clients.

We guarantee that you have automatic access to all new features and actions if you have the licence for the module in question.

We are always ready to consider any suggestions our clients might have for improvement to make the system even better.

Our values are respect, solution oriented, quality and targeted – we strive to incorporate these values into our daily work both internally but also towards our clients.


We will get back to you within 24 hours on weekdays.

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