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Myhrsol Employee Center

Online employee database which ensures compliance to the EU 2018 General Data Protection Regulation.

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Safe online employee center

The employee database ensures correct handling and storage of employee information within the organisation in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

The General Data Protection Regulative will enter into force on 25th May 2018, and touches all companies and organisations, which store any kind of data on a physical person. Personal data covers among other things like name, telephone number, employee number, personal identification number, photos, etc.

Our HR system has been developed in close cooperation with several international companies to ensure that the demands and functions of such a system comply to the more stringent requirements and more.


Control of data handling and in compliance with the EU's 2018 General Data Protection Regulation

Avoid fines of up to 4 % of the annual group turnover or up to €20,000.000 Euro

Several user levels, which define who can see, fit and create employee data eg. superuser, department managers and employees


Use the database actively to find specific competences within your organisation

Does more than comply with the General Data Protection Regulation


Integrated with Myhrsol Recruiting, which makes it easy to move newly hired employees into the database.

Pull data

A report generator makes it possible to pull data from any chosen filter. e.g. whole departments, competences etc.


Build the organizational structure to get a full overview over the department managers and employees with quick access to contact information

My Page

Possible to give employees access to their own and non-sensitive data in the system, i.e.: contact information of other employees


Flexible drag-and-drop function to tailor made categorizing of data and information

Report generator

The superuser can pull data from the system based on your own criteria – everything from the whole organization or department down to specific competences

Get new employees safely on board

The Onboarding module is an add-on to the employee database. This helps to clarify the activities associated with a recruitment which must be taken care of prior to employment.

With our onboarding module you can create all the templates you want, as well as delegate tasks to employees within the organization. In this way, you ensure that you know “who does what and when”. When you delegate tasks, the system sends the information straight to the person who has been given responsibility for the task.

The module is included in our package deal below. If it isn’t included in the package of your choice, it is of course possible to pay for it to be added.

Employee Center

Our guarantee as supplier of the HR system


we always strive to maintain a professional approach towards our clients. We value giving speedy support and tailor-made solutions – all companies are different and must therefore be treated as such.


Our system is set up with an operating server as well as several back-up servers. We backup all data every day and all the data is stored within the EU.

We aim at having the highest possible up time on our system, so that you can always access the system when you need to.


We strive to develop the system on a continuous basis in order to create even more value for our clients.

We guarantee you automatically have access to new functions and additions if you have the license fo the module concerned.

We are always open to suggestions for improvement to make the system even better.

Our values are respect, solution oriented, quality and goal oriented – we strive to include these values in our day to day work both within our organization and towards our clients.

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