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Myhrsol HR platform for small and medium-sized enterprises

Real time measure giver et godt billede på hvor langt man er i  fx. en forandringsproces.
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Questions and answers

When can I get started, if I want to use your solutions?

Most of our customers have an urgent need – it means that we are used to take action to help you immediatly. So give us a call and we can have an informal chat about your requirements.

Can we get our job ad on our website?

We recommend using the solution called Iframe, which means that your job ad automatically will be updated on your website – so it is both easy and fast.

What languages does Myhrsol.com support

At this time myhrsol.com supports the following languages, Danish, German, English, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish

What about data security?

First of all we take this area very seriously.
myhrsol communicate through an encrypted SSL connection. Our data center is protected with electronic access control and monitored 24 hours a day through video feed. All servers are configured with an operational server but also with one or more backup servers. Backups are being made every 24 hours and all data is stored within EU.

Is Myhrsol only for big companies?

Myhrsol has been developed in cooperation with medium-sized enterprises/organisations in Denmark to accommodate their needs and desires. So the answer is no, myhrsol supports the needs of both small, medium and large national and international organisations.

Does your solutions support all platforms?

Our solutions support html5, which is what Internet Explorer uses from version 8 and onwards, firefox and Chrome, in addition html5 supports all Apple products and can be used on mobile phones and tablets.

What can you expect as a customer of myhrsol?

Our foremost task is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to use our solutions. Therefore, a high level of service and a close relation is something that we prioritize.

Why does clients choose Myhrsol?

The majority of our approximately 350 customers want solutions that are both reliable but also easy to apply. In addition, many of our customers want to be able to make major customer agreements, since they use more of our solutions at the same time. We always try to accommodate the customer’s processes and wishes in the best possible way.