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Myhrsol Measure

Ongoing follow-up on self-selected focus areas in the organization. Quick and easy feedback from the respondents.

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Why use ongoing follow-up?

Large surveys can be carried out perhaps 1-2 times a year. However, as a company is it wise to wait that long to find out if the wellbeing in the sales department, motivation in the customer support team, the climate in production or other areas which influence internal productivity have improved? The answer is no.

Therefore, in collaboration with several large international companies, we have developed Myhrsol Measure to follow-up on tailor made focus areas. This tool helps you keep your finger on the pulse ensuring that focus areas and KPI’s are closely monitored and providing you with the possibility to quickly step in if you can see a standstill or decline.

The parameters can naturally be divided up according to teams, departments or the entire organization so follow up occurs where it makes most sense.


This tool can be used for all types of focus area such as wellbeing, satisfaction, mini workplace assessment, etc.


Tailor made your own parameters and choose between many different scale questions or create open questions


Takes the respondent a minimum of time to fill out, which is easily done via the link sent by e-mail or log-in with a predefined pin code – e.g. employee number, National Insurance number or similar.


Select the frequency for sending out the parameters, which can be differentiated for each team, department or entire organization

MyHRsol Measure is a valuable tool for enhancing communication, collaboration and well-being between employees and managers, as it allows for quick feedback on any issues.

Jesper Volk

CEO, Volk Education

Ongoing follow-up on self chosen focus areas

Quick overview

The organizational structure gives you a quick overview of which departments should be included with overall scores and color codes.

Responsive design

The system can be accessed from all units and the respondents can fill out the survey from a smart phone, tablet or computer.

Upload of respondents

Respondents can easily be uploaded to the respective departments via an csv file, or created manually in the system.


Extract statistics for the group and/or department you want, easily and quickly in the time interval of your choice.

Web based

The system is 100 % web based to avoid installing software and you can access your data anywhere, any time.


Scale question

Different parameters demand different scales and possible answers. We have scales for every type of question imaginable.

Ongoing customer feedback

Myhrsol Measure is also available as an Exit Poll version, which focuses on customer feedback in physical shops. It is possible for customers to give feedback on predefined parameters just before they leave the shop.

Setup exactly those parameters which are important to get feedback on in order to develop your shop. This could be anything from customer service, overall satisfaction, the shop’s layout, etc.

If there are several Exit Poll stations in the shop, i.e. in each department, the data can be compared with regards to which areas need to be optimized.





Our guarantee as supplier of this HR system


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All companies are different and must therefore be treated as such.


Our system is set up with an operating server as well as several backup servers. We take backup of all your data every 24 hours and all data is stored within the EU.

We consider it very important to have the highest possible uptime in the system, so that you can always access the system when you need to.


We constantly strive to develop the system so that it creates even more value for our customers.

We guarantee that you have automatic access to all new features and actions if you have the licence for the module in question.

We are always ready to consider any suggestions our clients might have for improvement to make the system even better.

Our values are respect, solution oriented, quality and targeted – we strive to incorporate these values into our daily work both internally but also towards our clients.


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