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The purpose with our website is to give inspiration and knowledge about the solutions in MyHRsol HR System. By using our website, you accept the terms beneath and is aware with our privacy policy. is owned by HR Solutions A/S and is subject to Danish law.

Terms and conditions

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We aim to have all informations on up-to-date, but HR Solutions reserves the right for mistakes on the site. The content is made available to you, as is, and is available without any warranty, neither express nor implied. HR Solutions A/S accepts no responsibility for damages, either direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or other damages from your use of the website, including but not limited to damages caused by viruses on your computer or other equipment. Use of informations on the website is at your own risk.

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All informations regarding your registration is handled with confidentiality. Your informations will not be used for any other purpose than those informations provided.

We are only collecting a minimum of data on you in connection with buys and inquiries on the website. If you provide us with your contact informations, credit card details will it be stored and handled in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation 25. May 2018.

Upon your request, you consent to the retention of the relevant information in a timely manner or for an interest or cooperation. After which data will be deleted cf. the personal data regulation of May 25, 2018.

If you may want insight in the informations we keep on you, you are welcome to contact us directly whereas we will sent those to you within 5 work days.

Danish legislation

Everything on the website is subject to Danish law, and all legal matters is settled by Danish court.

Privacy Policy

By using you accept our disclaimer and agrees with our privacy policy. The webpage is driven and owned by HR Solutions A/S, which is a Danish owned company and subject to Danish law. HR Solutions protects your personal data, when you’re using the website. Our Privacy Policy specifies what information we collect and how we use the information. Personal information such as name and email is obtained solely when you volunteer them.

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You are always welcome to contact HR Solutions if you have any questions or comments on Please add your name and e-mail upon your request. The informations will not be disclosed.

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When you are using, we are collecting non-personal information in order to give you the best experience on the website. Technical data is automatically collected to track how the website is used. For this purpose, we are using “Cookies”. Cookies are minor datafiles which your browser can place on your computer, when you visit websites. You can remove this cookie in your browser to prevent it to be placed on your computer. Although it will not affect the basic features of the website, it may prevent the website from functioning as intended.


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