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Modular HR system for online recruitment, storage of employee data, ongoing follow-up on focus areas and continuous dialogue between managers and employees

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MyHRsol HR system consists of 4 unique solutions gathered together in one system. The individual solutions can be used both together and separately. We always adapt our offers to suit the company’s needs, size and usage.

You can try the exact solutions you desire free for 30 days – including access to all functions and features in the system. We will gladly help you with getting started. You can read more about our solutions below.

We offer attractive discounts when purchasing more than one solution in the system. The solutions are always tailored to your company’s needs, size and usage.

The solutions in Myhrsol HR system


Recruitment system


  • Save time and ressources with a intuitive recruitment system
  • Send invitations to fill person profiles and cognitive tests for job candidates directly from the system
  • Integrate with external job sites, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Unlimited e-mail templates

Employee Center

Employee database


  • Manageable and flexible organization structure
  • Flexible drag-and-drop setting of datafields
  • 4 userlevels – acces for the superuser, leader and coworker
  • Complies the new GDPR in 2018


Ongoing appraisals


  • Management and development of managers, employees and teams
  • Ensures an ongoing dialogue, throughout the whole organization
  • Customize agenda templates according to your specific needs
  • Send out the agenda and collect acceptance prior to the meeting


Ongoing follow-up


  • Ongoing follow-up on KPI’s and focus areas
  • Can be used on individual-, team-, department-, and organization level
  • Easy to import or manual creation of respondents
  • Secures a finger on the pulse in the company